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  • Every self-respecting x-phile knows that in the X-universe, things like autopsy number 1013, episode title "The Red and The Black" or simply a clock showing 11:21 have deeper meanings "behind the scenes". So it's no wonder that philes are running backgroung checks for anything mentioned in the series. That's why this page exists. More exactly: ABBA's (a very popular Swedish pop-music group) song Cassandra was just too similar with the story of Cassandra Spender. Because the song was recorded in early '80's and was unlikely popular to mr. Carter, there had to be something about the name Cassandra that both CC and Benny& Björn knew. And there was. It made me think that maybe CC really considers what names he gives to the characters? There was also some information available of why some of the characters were named like they are. So take a look at what I've found and decide yourself. =) It would be fun to know something about the etymology of "Melissa" anyway, right? And if you want, I'd be curious to hear what you think.

    Note! f=feminine, m=masculine.
    Note #2: Many ot these names have many possible meanings. When I have found a "new" explonation, I usually add it, and don't remove the existing one. Since this is just a hobby and I'm not a professional I can't promise that the information is 100 % correct. Different sources often offer different meanings for the same name, and I post both of them here. I receive all the suggestions, corrections and knowledge with a great thankfullness.

    Sources: Behind the name, What's in the name, The X-files Compilation, various books& Internet sites. And last but not the least many fellow x-philes with their knowledge and books. =)

    Something to add or correct?
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