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The Scully Family

Dana Katherine Scully


Scully is a name of Irish origin, meaning town crier. (Scull is an English nickname for the bald-headed man, from Middle English scholle=skull. Scullard as a name of English derivation would be a variation on that surname.)
Dana Scully is named after sports announcer Vin Scully.


(f, m) Either a feminine form of Dan or Daniel or from a surname. Dan,(m) short form of DanielGod is my judge or he judged. Both names are from Old Testament. (Hebrew) Possibly also from Denmark or bright as dawn (Celtic).
Also a mythological figure, mother of Perseus (Greek).


Scullys middle name. (f) From the Greek "Aikaterina". It's been linked with Greek "aikia", torture (how about that, PASTers?) but that theory is unlikely. Katherine is more possibly a Coptic name meaning my consecration of your name. The Romans derived it from Greek "katharos", pure, and changed their spelling from Katerina to Katharina to reflect this. Chris Carter's mother's name is Catherine.

Melissa Scully


"Missy" Greek, honeybee. Melissa is also the name of a plant that grows in Israel from which one can make a very tasty tea which is said to be an excellent pain reliever.

Bill Scully


(Bill& Bill, jr.) (m) From the Teutonic elements "wil", wil, desire, and "helm", helmet : "will helmet". Resolute soldier . Also Determind Guardian. The name was introduced to Britain by the Normans.

Charles Scully


"Charlie" (m) Teutonic free man, cognatic with the Old English word "ceorl", man. Charles Scully really seems to be a free man to do whatever he wants and go wherever he wants. We know he has a family, but we've only seen him as a child. He's the Amazing Disappearing Brother. Charles is also said to come from old French full-grown, manly.

Margaret Scully


(f) From Greek "margaron", pearl.

Emily Christine Scully (Sim)


(f) Feminine form of Emil. Emil, from Latin and Teutonic industrious, Teutonic work, or possibly from the Roman family name Aemilius, rival. Emily also has a Latin origin meaning Flatterer

Scully was her biological mother though she was given birth by Anna Fugazzi. Fugazzi is a slang term for fake. Emily was then adopted by Roberta and Marshall Sim.


Emily's middle name. (f) English and French form of Christina, from Latin Christian.

Tara Scully


(f) Gaelic hill. According to legend, Tara in Ireland was the hill where the Irish kings resided. Celtic also tower. Also carrying or shining from Sanskrit. Tara can also be a short form of Astaroth. The name Tara also means A measurement (Arabic).

Matthew Scully


(m) From the Hebrew name Mattithyahu, Gift of the Lord. Saint Matthew was one of the twelwe apostles. Baby Matthew surely was a gift of the Lord from Bill and Tara's point of wiev.
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