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Other characters: Spender, Skinner, Krycek, Marita, Cassandra


(m, f) elf power from the Teutonic name Alberic composed of "alb" elf and "ric" elf. The name of the king of the elves in Germanic mythology. Also Old German ruler . Aubrey as the episode name refers to the place in the episode.


(m) big village from Welsh "tref" village and "mawr" large. From a surname which was from a place name. Also Celtic prudent.


Teutonic fame of the land.

Alex Krycek


Krycek is a Russian word (or at least very similar word) for rat. Krycek also told Mulder his parents were Russians.


Short of Alexander, defender of men, helper of men.

Cassandra Spender



Greek prophetess, helper of man also inflaming men with love (Greek). Cassandra was (in Greek mythology) the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, the prophetic Trojan princess. Apollo loved her but she declined him. Apollo cursed her so that noone would believe her and her prophecy of destruction of Troy.

Jeffrey Spender


Teutonic God's peace, good peace or glad peace. (Peace anyway. May he rest in peace.) Form of Geoffrey, meaning the same.

Walter Sergei Skinner



(m) Teutonic powerful warrior, rule people or rule army. Composed of the elements "wald" rule combined with either "heri" army or "harja" people.


Sergei is the Russian form of the Latin Serge, attendant.

Marita Covarrubias


spanish word "rubio" flaxen-haired, "rubias" is the feminin plural of that word.


(f) Contraction of Maria and Catarina or Spanish pet form of Mary.

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