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The Mulder Family

Fox William Mulder


In Dutch "mulder" means miller. Mulder is Chris Carter's mother's maiden name.


(m) English, from the name of the small and clever canine. Originally a surname. The name Fox belonged to one of Chris Carter's childhood friends and he had always liked the name.


(m) From the Teutonic elements "wil", wil, desire, and "helm", helmet : "will helmet". Resolute soldier . Also Determind Guardian. The name was introduced to Britain by the Normans.

Samantha Ann Mulder


(f) Perhaps a feminine form of Samuel (English), from Hebrew "sha'ul me'el". I have found two translations for this. asked of God or borrowed from God. "Sha'ul" means borrowed and is the passive of "Sho'el" which means ask. (Perhaps also God hears or God listens or established by God from Hebrew.) Listener (Aramaic).


(f) Short for Annabel or derived from Ann and Belle (French beautiful) Can also be an English form of Hannah which is Hebrew favour or grace. Hannah is also the origin of both Anna and Anne.

Tena (Kuipers) Mulder


Tena Mulder's maiden name is Kuipers. It is, like Mulder, of Dutch origin.


or Teena.

Diana Fowley


Fowley is a derrivation of "Fowler" of english origin meaning Ensnarer or trapper of wild birds.


The name of the ancient goddess Diana (in ancient Greece Artemis). She was the twinsister of Apollo, the son of Zeu. For the ancient Grecian she was the goddess of hunting, for the ancient Romans the goddess of light, moon, free nature and birth.
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