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The Lone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen probably got their name from Mr X. X said, referring both to the Kennedy assassination and to the cover-up they'd just witnessed, "I heard it was a lone gunman". (Unusual Suspects)

John Fitzgerald Byers


The name Byers is probably of English origin.


(m) From the Hebrew name Johanan, the Lord has favoured, or God's gracious gift. John has been the most popular of male Christian names, it was the name of John the Babtist and also the apostle John.


Fitzgerald is of old English origin meaning Son of Gerald Byers was named after JFK though in Unusual Suspects he was supposed to be named Bertram. (Bertram being Teutonic bright raven.)

Ringo Langly


Langley means long meadow in Old English and Englishman in Old French. Langly would be the same thing.


Ringo has at least two origins. It is a familiar form of "Ring" meaning ring (English). Also, it is a name of Japanese origin meaning apple. Wonder what's his favourite computer? ;-) Langly could have been named after Ringo of the Beatles. He was most was most likely born in the sixties.

Melvin Frohike



(m) Form of Melville or Celtic smooth brow. Melville (m) is from a surname that was originally a French place name, bad settlement. Melville is also servant or chief in Celtic. Pick your choice!

Kenneth "The Thinker" Soona



(m) Either handsome from Gaelic Coinneach or born of fire from Gaelic Cinaed. Kenneth was the name of the first king of the Picts and Scots.

"The Thinker"

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