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In the University of Notre Dame was made an adjustment saying that whichever two web pages are at most 19 pages away from each other. And although the number of pages would grow up ten times, the distance would be at most 21 pages because of the well-done linking. The report also says that there are about 800 million documents in the Internet. (Source: Macmaailma 8/99) So the web wouldn't be the web without links, although many people seem to think that linkpages are boring. So, here are my links, like them or not. ;)

  • The X-Files: The Brains Chris Carter stuff and his other projects: MillenniuM, Harsh Realm, The Lone Gunmen...

  • The X-Files: Classics These are the sites we (as we the philes) just can't live without!

  • The X-Files: Creative Artwork, fanfiction, music videos, slide shows...

  • The X-Files: Different The sites that don't fit in other categories but are definetly worth visiting.

  • The X-Files: The Duo Gillian, David, Mulder and Scully.

  • The X-Files: Fandom Dana needs a desk and Fox protection. We're here for that. All the great clubs you can be a member of.

  • The X-Files: Finnish Many of these sites are also in English, so don't be afraid to step in!

  • The X-Files: The Gang Other actors and actresses and their characters.

  • The X-Files: International The X-files is a world wide phenomenon, and here are links to some of the "national" sites around the globe.

  • The X-Files: The Mania These sites have it all: spoilers, fanfic, pictures, sounds, e-cards, articles, reviews, message boards... you name it.

  • Other links To make sure that the nearest Sopranos or I love Bill Gates site is not too far away, some random links to some interesting pages outside the X-Files Universe.

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    Do you consider yourself as an X-phile? Do you think you know every TXF site ever made? Great, take a look at my list and tell me if you think I should add something. If you're an x-phile, I bet you know these sites better than your own computer. Right?

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