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The different kind of txf-sites

  • Biogenesis

    biogenesis - can you unlock its secrets?

  • Alien Ice Picktures presents... Mulder& Scully action figures' adventures! And don't miss the e-cards!
  • A night at the Bar ROTFLMAO! This is one of those things where you fill in some words and it comes up as a funny story.
  • Interview with An X-File This must be one of the funniest sites I've ever seen.
  • Karen's X-Files Links page Very good list of great links and this one is organized.
  • Mulder's Mac and Mulder's Mac 8.5.1 The X-Files Kaleidoscope Schemes! Yep, Mac users, check it out! And the rest of you, have you ever paid attention to Scully's PowerBook? Or the computer that the Thinker used hacking in "Anasazi"? Or Agent Pendrell's computer in "Herrenvolk"?
  • Steph's Place Wonderful fanfic! Family photo albums with correct dates. Mulder and Scully's, that is. ;) Also make sure you visit her page devoted to Charles Scully, the Amazing Disappearing Brother. Now also beautiful collages!

    Steph's place

  • The print ADs This is actually only one part of a great site.
  • Truth, Trust and Love: An X-PHILES Production

    Truth,Trust and Love: An X-PHILES Production

  • Underworld Zipped MPG's of scenes that never aired.
  • The X-files isms archive Lots and lots of quotes! Scully, Mulder, shippy, humor, mythology, GA about DD, DD about GA and various other gategories.
  • ::white noise:: The music of the X-Files Wonderful site with music info and beutiful artwork.

    ::white noise::

  • X-Files Mumbo's multifun mambo jumbo game. Warning: may cause withdrawal symptoms!
  • You made me a whole person Very different, amazing design, very funny. The Gillian Anderson Purity Test, dancing GA, similarities between TXF & Titanic and Disney movies...

    The X-Files & Millennium Banner Exchange

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