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The X-Files: The Mania

  • All About The X-Files, Gillian and David What the title says: GA and DD stuff, gallery, links, sounds, articles, autographs, transcripts, Blessed Smiling Scully Watching Society (!), FTF, songs, famous x-philes, x-files cards... what more can you wish?
  • All things X

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  • Believe Sounds, scripts, fan fiction, reviews, mailing, list, shipper stuff and wonderful collages.
  • Elliott's X-Files Web page Very well-made site with a personal touch.

    Elliot's X-files Web page

  • Hayley's X-files Realm


  • Hiding In the Light's X-files Madness
  • The Home Of Agent Emily
  • JTTO- Just The Totally Obsessed

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  • Kramer's X-files page
  • Maru's Shrine To The X-Files Another Xample of the creativity among deskers and TWOSTers.

    Maru's shrine to the x-files

  • Mulder's Fish Tank Fanfiction, e-cards, PMP, David, spoilers, quotes, pictures and lots of more like an interesting theory about txf and Odyssey. All wrapped in cool graphics and background.

    Mulder's Fish Tank

  • The Power Of Two Fan fiction, pictures, xcyclopedia, collages and more. Site made with style!

    The Power of 2

  • Sephora's XArticles, episodes, fan fiction, images, links...
  • Snoo's X Files Site Yes, the deskers rule my bookmarks. ;) Very cool-looking page. Partly under construction, but whose site isn't? =)
  • Talamasca's X-files Lots of funny stuff: adoptions, cards, web ring, fan fic...
  • The Truth Is Out There Shippers, links, photos, humor...

    The Truth Is Out There

  • The X-Files Compilation A very comprehensive site, e.g. profiles of all the important characters.
  • The X-Files Page For The Mentally Ins@ne! The X-Files: Search For The Truth Upcoming eps, calendar, episode guide, mythology guide, print ads, fanfic, FTF, the game, videos, pictures, sounds, e-cards, mailing list, chat, message board, banner xchange...
  • Xphile butterfly's site Gillian, Laurie Holden, William B. Davis, save Harsh Realm...

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