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Finnish X-Files links

My ambitious attempt is to gather all the Finnish X-files sites here,whether they're in the ring (marked with R) or not.If you're site is missing or moved, please tellme about it .For non-Finnish-speaking philes: the links with FI flagare only in Finnish, others are in English or in both languages.

  • AntinX-files Mesta R Characters, bios, pictures, CC, downloads, discussion forum.
  • Asharak'sFearful Symmetry R Gillian Anderson.
  • beLIEve RYep, it's this site. I promised to make a list of all of them, didn'tI? ;)
  • FinnishX-Files Episode Guide R Fast and easy site for finding the basic information about X-Files episodes shown in Finland
  • Gillian&David R Amazinly creative & beautiful art work.
  • JadaLee's Website R Nick Lea biography& pictures, Alex Krycek, Once A Thief, The X-files, Vertical Limit, message board, Alex and Marita, art and lyrics.
  • JaninJulkiset Kansiot R Episode guide & reviews, info on characters, lists. Also J.R.R. Tolkien! =)
  • Jari'sX-files X-files links,pictures, sounds, logos.
  • Katsku'sX-files page Maybe the oldest Finnish X-files page alive. ;) Cast/crew, episodeguide, characters, art...
  • ->LUKE<-'sX-FILES R Spoilers(with warnings, of course), reviews, music, gallups, links.
  • Mikko's GillianAnderson page R Really good-looking site, lots of pictures,videos, sounds etc. Find the Finnish GA commercial here!
  • Minna'sthe X-Files R Now here we have an x-phile! Just look at this siteand the pics of her room! =) Info on the show, cast, episodes, videos. Also connections, fun stuff, songs. Find all the classics like "why did the chicken cross the road" here!

    The X-Site-ing Adventures of Minna The Martian

  • Moonlovergirl'sGillian page Lot's of GA stuff with very personal design. Polls, GA bio, Gilly eps,fan fiction.
  • MTV3:n SalaisetKansiot-sivu MTV3 (whichhas nothing to do with the MTV) is the channel showing TXF in Finland. This is their emmm...tribute? to the show.
  • Mulperin korneri Avery funny-looking X-files site with a personal touch, emphasizes especiallythe music. Also pictures, downloads, DD and GA information.

    Mulperin Korneri

  • Nico'sX-files Bios, episodes, pictures, skins for ICQ, misc stuff.
  • Piper'sX-files R Pictures, characters, fanfic, pics of x-files office and characters' apartments, links.
  • Salaisetkansiot e-mail keskusteluryhmä Join the discussion, read the news, share your madness.
  • Salaisetkansiot-päivämääriä The up-to-date page of what's happening with TXF in Finland.
  • SalaisetKansiot - The X Files Images R Episode images (vidcaps/screengrabs).Right now caps from seasons 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and FTF, some from TV, some from DVDs. Excellent resourcesite for x-art!
  • Hanna'sX-files page - The X World Bios, episode guide, FTF, pictures, sounds, videoclips. Shipper POV.
  • Shipper'sheaven The name tells it already: lots of 'shippy stuff.
  • SuomalainenX-Files sivu R One of the firsts and biggests. Almost everything you need toknow about TXF. An active message board.
  • Tarjan kotisivutSome multimedia(Sky One's Triangle ad, DLII sunflowerseed scene, sounds... ) and pictures.
  • Tiramisu& Kamio's X-Files FunR quizzes, puzzles, wallpapers, artwork.


  • TheWorld of Shippy X 'Shipper pictures, sounds, fan fiction.
  • Thex-files Characters,links, episodes, the movie.
  • The X-Files Online R Episodes, bios, calendar, movie, articles, art, fanfic, quizz, poll, chat, discussion forum... quite a new, but fast groving site.
  • The X-files -Suomalainenjakso-opas R Episode guide, reviews, news, IRC-channel. Updated daily.

    [pic] irc banner

  • TheX-Files Realm R Info on characters, episodes and merchandise.
  • Xari'sRealm - X-Files Zone R Huge site with amazing graphics. Lots and lots of fil... er,
  • X-group Well, there used to be a group called like this, and the web site's still out there, but the Truth about what happened to these people is unknown...

    The X-Files & Millennium Banner Exchange

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