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The classic TXF sites

  • Deep BackgroundOriginally this site was ment to be a background information source for the fan fiction writers, but it's a great source of information for any x-phile. Covers not only every known fact of the X-files but also offers a lot of "real life" facts about FBI, paranormal, science...
  • Haven For The FBI's Most UnWanted, This is the place I visit most. Which means normally once a day. At least. So, my "I'm just gonna check my e-mail." means I'll read my mail and check Haven's What's New page. That's because if something is happening in the X-Files world, Haven knows it. And even if they don't, they have a link to someone who does. =) Also spoilers, pictures, some multimedia, fan fic archive, articles, collages, e-cards. Amy also started the x-design and runs other great sites like Digital Duchovny. Ladies and gentlemen, monsters, mutants and yes, you too, mr Tooms: Haven is the place to go!

  • Ideal Reflections aka Proof Undeniable Don't know what PU is all about? RUN, do not walk to find out.
  • The Official X-Files site Yes, the newer is better because it's updated. But it's also slower, disordered and frustrating. I'm sorry to say that, but that's the Truth. I'm also very disappointed because they seem to have forgotten the fans outside the US: there are huge spoilers just everywhere without any warnings. Anyway, it is still worth linking to, because it's the only x-files site in the Net which will never be foxed. ;)
  • The Red and the Black The inheritor of FXMMA.

    The Red and the Black

  • The X-Files Alphabet An a to z of almost everything in the x-files.
  • The X-Files In-Jokes List Why you should never go to the bathroom? And how many times has Mulder dropped his gun? Does Scully *ever* drive? What does "JTTO" stand for? What is the name of the X-Files in German? Did they really mention the X-files in Baywatch? (and what's wrong with Baywatch anyway?) Answers to these, the meanings of 1013 and 1121 and many, many more questions are available here.
  • The X-Files Timeline What was the year when Queen Anne disappeared? What was the day Melissa died? What will happen next? The timeline does not only know the past, it also gives you a peek to the Future.

    The  X-files Time Line

  • Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide Scripts and sounds.

    Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide

    The X-Files & Millennium Banner Exchange

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