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  • These x-files collages are made by me. After a long hesitation I finally decided to post them, mainly because I had got very encouraging feedback about the graphics on other pages. These are divided into gategoriess. You can see the whole picture by clicking the thumbnail on the left, and the text next to each thumbnail tells something about the picture: the idea behind them and what episodes the pictures are from etc. If you have any troubles with this page, or have questions, or just want to tell what you think of these, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

    If you like these and want to download some of them you may do so. I have nothing against it. But if you'd like to use any of these collages or parts of them in your web site, please make sure you ask first. Also it's polite to let your visitors know that I made them: a simple sentence with a link to my site is all I ask you to do. =)


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