beLIEve, contents

dreams.jpg My first attempt at making a desktop image/wallpaper. 800x600 pixels.
dreaming.jpg DD, 800x600 pixels.
likeaflower.jpg David Duchovny in 800x600.
frozen.jpg This wallpaper contains images posted in X-design challenges, 800x600 pixels.
autuaita.jpg GA winter theme, 800x600 pixels.
smilingforyouonly.jpg Smile therapy for your miserable autumn days. =) 800x600 pixels.
dec2000.jpg Winter 2000, 800x600 pixels.
lovingangels.jpg I saw a picture of Jennifer Lopez with wings on a magazine, and thought that somebody else should wear them. The lyrics are from the Robbie William's song Angels. 1024 x 768 pixels
notime.jpg This was made just for fun and for my own desktop. But it turned out to look ok, so here it is. :) Very simple, but that often works. 1024 x 768 pixels

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