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millennium.jpg Okay, so this picture has nothing to do with the Millennium episode. I made it last December and it was at beLIEve's front page during the Millennium. Scullys are from Never Again and Redux and Mulders from FTF and Terms of Endearment.
nothingtofear.jpg Jim Engh, a member of the XF crew died in an accident July 31st 2000. Many of the x-designers made beautiful collages for his memory. This my attempt to honour his memory.
red.jpg This is what I was plannig to be a new graphic for the main page, but it turned out too large and complicated. Anyway, I liked it so...
happyny.jpg "No more shampagne and the fireworks are through/here we are/ me and you/ feeling lost and feeling blue..."
newsw.jpg Mulder and Scully meet Harry Potter in this Newsweek cover. ;-)
discovery.jpg This a work for a recent x-design challenge.

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