beLIEve, contents

regret.jpg This one's tough to explain. Scully on the left is from Demons, Mulders are from The GB Variation, Paper Hearts and from an unidentified episode, and the background is from Biogenesis. The idea behind this has something to do with Requiem though I haven't seen it yet. Confusing?
Fight the future fight.jpg Our dynamic duo in FTF.
beLIEve to understand believetounderstand.jpg Scully from Paper Clip, Alien from JCFOS, Mulder from FTF and Tooms' eyes. And the tag line's from SUZ or Closure, right?
sorrows2.jpg Scully from Apocrypha and young Scully from One Breath. Background once again from Biogenesis.
littlewing.jpg The lyrics in this Emily collage are Jimi Hendrix' "Little Wing" although the song I listened to while making it was recorded by the Corrs.

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