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thought.jpg Mulder from FTF and Scully from Never Again (?). I feel very uncomfortable with posting this pic. I don't really like it, but I hope there's some 'shipper out there who does. ;-)
She she.jpg Mulder from Tunguska/Terma and Scully's face from Die Hand Die Verletzt.
Something More Than This cure.jpg As a finish'shipper I think that the Cure's song "Something More Than This" describes perfectly the Mulder/Scully relationship. This image containes some of its lyrics and of course The Hallway Scene pictures.
Herrenvolk  & Milagro herrenmilagro.jpg Well, this is a tough one to explain. ;) The hugs are from Milagro and Herrenvolk. Those images were just so similar that I had to put them together. Anyway, the result is not the best possible, IMHO.
farewell.jpg From Savage Garden's The Best Thing: "Farewell peace of mind/ kiss goodbye to reason/ up is down/ the impossible occurs each day"

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