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An A-Z encyclopedia (well, from A to S anyway) to understand why Finnish x-philes are so proud of being Finnish x-philes. And I'm not talking only about Finnish finish'shippers here. ;)
Finland, and our capital city, Helsinki have been mentioned a few times during the series. And there are other ways to connect people... err sorry, connect Finland and The X-Files, too.

Anderson, Gillian

GA in Canal Digital Commercial

No, she does not have scandinavian roots like that other Andersson. (Please notice the difference, only one s !) And we're sorry about that. But Gillian Anderson did a commercial for Digital Satellite TV in Finland. Pictures above are from it. To dowload the two versions of the commercial, visit Mikko's Gillian Anderson site.


4X18 Max

(Another tape of Max is playing. He is still talking next to his camper.)

There are scientists in Finland right now who say that they've detected antigravity over the surface of a, a spinning superconducting disc...
(He laughs.)
Technology that is supposedly twenty or thirty years down the road like over-unity energy, um, massless displacement current from cold fusion that we need for space travel. I know, thanks to my inside sources, that this technology, in fact, exists.
Max was right. The researchers at Tampere University of Technology in Finland really discovered antigravity. Here you can read an article about it. And by the way, I am a very proud citizen of Tampere! =)

Cellular phones

Mulder with his cell phone
So what? Are we supposed to charge him with assaulting a cellular phone ?
-Scully, D.P.O.
Mulder, if you had to do without a cell-phone for two minutes you'd lapse into catatonic schizophrenia.
-Scully, Home

Here's an uncopleted and ever-growing list of Nokia cell phone appearances during the series.

  • Mulder uses Nokia 101 from "Squeeze" to "Revelations".
  • Scully uses Nokia 101 from "Fire" to "Kitsunegari" but her phone can be seen already in "Conduit".
  • Mulder started using a Nokia 232 in season three's WOTC.
  • In the X-Files Movie Mulder's phone is 6160. (Nokia's phones are different in U.S. and Europe and it looks like 6110 but it's not.)
  • In the X-Files Game you as Agent Craig Willmore use Nokia 6190.
  • In season 7, starting from "The Goldberg Variation" both Mulder and Scully have Nokia 6160m (AT&T version)
    And there are more Nokia cell phones in TXF, I just haven't identified them yet. =) So what's the big deal? No, they're not Japanese. Nokia is a Finnish company!

    And here are some pictures:
  • Mulder's phone in FTF
  • Scully & cell phone (FTF)
  • Mulder's cell phone from Hollywood AD (Nokia 232)

    The Truth from Chris Carter:
    The X-Files came about at a very opportune time, or should I say the time was right for it, because one of our greatest fears now is technology, and we've exploited our fears of technology in every which way. So, technology is important to the show, not only as a storytelling vehicle, but I've wondered how we would do the show if Mulder and Scully didn't have those cell phones.


    1X06 Ghost in the Machine

    It was, until two years ago. You remember Helsinki, the first time that a chess playing computer ever beat a Grand Master?
    (MULDER nods.)

    That was Wilczeks program. And the rumor was that he did it by developing the first adaptive network.


    5X19 Folie à Deux

    Folie à Deux? It's not that, Scully. It's not Helsinki Syndrome either. What I saw was real, and there may be a way to prove it.
    Helsinki syndrome. Actually, it is originally named Stockholm-syndrome. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, our neighbouring country. It's a syndrome in which a delusion is shared by two people with a close emotional connection. It is often referenced in entertainment (for e.g. in one Die Hard-movie) in situations where a hostage and a capturer experience same delusions.

    Puttonen, Michael

    Mike Puttonen who has been playing both in movies and TV-series has finnish roots. He says he was taken straight off with The X-Files, because it has all the elements of his childhood favorites: FBI, space, crime and sci-fi. His appearances in The X-Files are:
    Mike Puttonen
  • 1x01 Deep Throat as Motel Manager
  • 2x04 Sleepless as Dr. Pilsson
  • 3x10 731 as the Conductor
  • 4x22 Elegy as Martin Alpert

    (Picture from Finnish TV-guide Katso!)

  • Sibelius, Jean


    One of the three Ss. The other two are sauna and sisu (perseverance). These three are the most well-known things about Finland and Finnish people. Or they say these are. I don't know. I think some of you might say Hakkinen, polar bears and igloos. One of them is right. =) OK, back to the topic. Sibelius is known as a world famous Finnish composer, and there's a picture of him at the wall in Agent Craig Willmore's apartment in TXF Game.

    Map from Dod Kalm Here's the map from "Død Kalm" which -unfortunately- took place in Norway, not in Finland. ;) Anyway, it's here to demonstrate where the places mentioned above really are. The picture is from Arianne's cool The X Files pictures site.

    Huge thanks to Mikko, Garin, Mika R. and Jaska; without you I'd be still lost in the Net searching for this info. Thanks!
    Something to add or correct?

    The pieces of scripts here are from the fabulous TD's site.

    Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide

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