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Gillian Anderson & Cleo

Gillian on her coach reading and Cleo laying on the floor Gillian Anderson's dog is a big black Neapolitan mastiff called Cleo.
Here are some quotes from her:
I don't get scared from watching the show because I've been through it at that point. But when I receive the scripts to start preparing for it, I will not read at night time. During the day, with the lights on, with the dog in, and my daughter in and everything. I can't. There's sometimes where I actually have to put it down and come back to it later because it's just getting a little too dark outside or something. I don't know.
(Gillian on Jay Leno '98)
When I'm at home, scraping food off the floor and cleaning up after the dog, I wonder why this person is calling me to do an interview for some magazine. It is strange, [concedes the flame-tressed star of The X-Files. ]But as long as I keep honest about who I am, as long as I remember that I'm still responsible for my daughter [Piper] and for cleaning up dog crap, I'll be OK. That's where the reality is based and fostered. If I were leading a very different life and had cooks and everything, it would feel less real. I think people's problems start when they hire somebody to clean up the dog crap and forget what those experiences, that reality, is like.
(Gillian in Starlog August 27, 1998 ?)

These pictures are thumbnailed.


When asked about her favorite hobby during the AOL Chat April 6, 2000, Gillian told us:

I think the only hobby I have, and it's one that I've started since January, is riding.

To celebrate the coolness of this, here are some pictures taken in Tahiti. I'm afraid the quality isn't very good but I'm looking for better scans.


Know any other pictures of Cleo or of Gillian with horses? Please please please: tell me!

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