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Mulder's fish tank - set photoMulder's fish tank is simply a legend in its's own time. ;) It is essential part of Mulder's apartment and often the only bright spot in there. Besides, fish are probably the only possible pets for a busy alien-hunter and FBI-agent. But that doesn't mean that Mulder doesn't care of them. It is just the opposite, in "The Pine Bluff Variant" Mulder asked Skinner to feed his fish if he wouldn't be back. Or was he just trying to be funny? Anyway, the fish tank plays a very important part in "Little Green Men", when Scully is searching for information in Mulder's apartment and the bad guys come in. Scully manages to rescue the important paper with the signal in it by pretending to clean the fish food with it. Such a clever girl! =)

I have actually became convinced that Mulder is in reality a dog-person. Come on, just look at his face! ;) Yes, I do have other proof. Though he acted like he didn't like Queequeg, he admitted in "Alpha" that he had owned a dog. And he also lied to Tooms that he had lost his Norwegian Elkhound. I mean, he could have said a rattle-snake instead of it, right? So I believe he was just jealous to Scully...

The picture in top/left is shamelessly stolen from James Davis IV x-files set photo-site.

Mulder's fish tank This pic is from "Sein und Zeit", or actually from an outtake of that ep at Proof Undeniable.

Mulder's fish tank I don't have "Paper Hearts" on tape so I can't confirm this, but I've been told that in that episode the fish tank actually contains two or three goldfish and this picture seems to prove that it's true.

  • Fish tank, season 7.

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