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David Duchovny & Blue

David and Blue David Duchovny's dog is a beautiful border/Jersey-collie mix called Blue.
Tea Leoni, David's wife, has a dog too, his name is George.
The dog in "Ice" was either Blue's mother or father. Picture of Scully and that dog.

You can see Blue in Hollywood AD, the season 7 episode David wrote and directed. Here are some quotes about what David has to say about his friend.
Each morning I drive to work with my dog, Blue. When we get to within a half-mile of the set, she starts jumping up and down and getting all excited. I start getting depressed. I'm trying to learn from her.
I love dogs. They live in the moment and don't care about anything except affection and food. They're loyal and happy. Humans are just too damn complicated.
  • Blue & DD Photogallery

    The two real stars on the set are reportedly Blue and Gillian's daugther Piper. Here's what David thinks about it:

    Piper's cuter. But Blue has nicer hair. Blue used to be smarter, but Piper has eclipsed her in that area. I don't see Blue gaining.

    In Movieline magazine article Coming & Going by Lawrence Grobel (2000) David talked about his childhood pets. His family had three dogs and four cats. The dogs were Jester, Jason and Daphne and the cats were Sal, Miss Emily, Shanghai and Ableman.

    About Jester:

    ...who I always thought we gave away, but I'll tell you the dirty secret of my family: Jester was put down. He was a wild dog, hard to control, so my dad put him down. That was horrible."
    About Jason:
    Our mythical family dog, the best dog, Jason, was a girl. She dies when I was 11 and that was the heartbreak of dog death. She'd had a very dramatic path. She was found wandering in Egypt by a family we knew that was vacationing there. They found this starving dog wandering in the desert -- sounds biblical -- and brought it back, though they didn't really want it. We spent summers on Fire Island near them, and this dog started coming by our house one summer, especially to my mother. At the end of the summer they asked us if we wanted to keep her, so we did. She was a wonderful dog: smart, wise, loving, worried, very protective. Whenever my brother and I fought she would try to pull us apart.
    Then Jason died. She was my mother's beloved soul mate and it happened around my parents' divorce, so it was a very confusing time.
    About cats and dogs:
    While we still had Jason we got Sal, a cat from the greengrocer on 11th and 1st Avenue, and then we got Sal's sister by another marriage, Miss Emily. Then we got a Scottie named Daphne, plus a gray cat named Shanghai, then a black cat named The Alien, who my best friend's girlfriend thought we called Ableman, so we liked that name better and changed it. All but Ableman are dead now."
    About Daphne's death:
    Daphne died when I was 25. It was really Daphne's death that was the hardest. She wasn't a great friend dog -- terriers don't like humans that much. But she wasn't really like a dog. She never gave you that fun that dogs give. She was always very worried, rarely wagged her tail, never got excited. She'd sit in a chair like a person, with her back against the cushion and her front paws on the arm. My mother has said that she got Daphne when my father left and she poured all her sadness into the dog, and that she thought she squashed the dog's personality, but that without Daphne she wouldn't have survived. The dog was a receptacle for all of her pain. I believe there's some truth to that. The dog was definitely carrying a burden she didn't understand. When my mother called and said she was going to have to put Daphne down, I went over to say goodbye. Daphne could hardly walk. I picked her up and took her into every room in the house and talked to her about memories I had of stuff that we'd done in that room. That was really hard."

    Original transcript from Haven, typed by Shelia.

    For all the dog-lovers: Join Friends of Blue!

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